What Was He Thinking?

Last week I got a call from my ex saying that his sister was going to die and he was on his way to see her in Midland TX that night. He wanted to know if I would ride with his girlfriend to go see her the next day. I have never met the lady. Besides that, it’s only been a month since the divorce was final. So, I told him that I couldn’t get away.

That night I stayed awake worrying about his sister.  The next morning I decided to call his mom. After be talking to be her, I found out that his sister was having a hard time after having a double mastectomy and the only thing wrong was a leakage at the surgery sight.  She didn’t know where he got the idea that his sister was going to die. (Let’s just say he has a lot of education and not enough brain to handle it!)

After thinking about it, I should have told him that I would have ridden with her. That would have given us a chance to talk. I could have given her the scoop on him. I don’t think he realized that.

What would you do?

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